Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect Spotlight

His command of steel, wood and concrete made him a legend of architecture. His restrained minimalism made his work unmistakable compared to his peers. Each of his 1,100 designs is as unique as a fingerprint, and a clear reflection of its creator, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Richland Center, Wisconsin

Born in 1867 to William Carey Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones in the sleepy farming community of Richland Center, Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright entered a world in transition. During the throes of western expansion, and two short years after the conclusion of the Civil War, Wright was born decades before Chicago-architect Louis Sullivan would create the modern skyscraper.

His parents, both teachers, asserted the importance of education on young Frank. And while Wright did attend high school in Madison, there is no evidence that he graduated. He was then accepted to University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1886 as a special student. Alas, college didn’t meet Wright’s interest and he left the following year.

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An Argument for Giving a Damn about Space

We may have just found a new home! The recent discovery of seven Earth-like planets orbiting a nearby star is the latest in a series of space-based revelations that’s grabbed the social consciousness.

And this makes me ecstatic!

From an early age, I’ve looked to the heavens and wondered what might be out there. In the fourth grade, I attended Space Camp. I was a member of the Junior Astronauts in grade school. I built and launched model rockets and calculated the cosmic math to determine my true astrological sign.

I also suffered a great deal of bullying as a result of my interests during that time.

True, this latest series of pop culture “wins” now puts my passion in the good graces of the masses; but it’s been a long road getting here. Luckily, as we march towards the future, I recognize I’m not alone in my love of that song softly calling to us from above.

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Do You Recall? – Three tricks to Improving Your Concentration and Memory

Studies show the human attention span is eight seconds, a full second shorter than the common goldfish. So let’s jump right in on three tricks to help your concentration and memory!

Restrict Internet/Smartphone Use Before, During and After Studying

We live in an age of instant information. A steady bombardment of opinion, news and notifications is the new normal, and our decreased attention spans is just the beginning.

Simply searching the Internet for a specific answer is damaging your memory!

“Past research has repeatedly demonstrated that actively recalling information is a very efficient way to create a permanent memory,” says Dr. Maria Wimber, a Lecturer at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham. “In contrast, passively repeating information (e.g. by repeatedly looking it up on the internet) does not create a solid, lasting memory trace in the same way.”

A recent Kaspersky Lab study names this phenomenon “Digital Amnesia.”
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Five Years In, The College Scorecard’s Scorecard

In 2013’s State of the Union address then-President Barack Obama announced a new .gov website that aimed to help prospective students find “the most bang for [their] educational buck.” By answering a short list of questions, users can discover the financial burden and earning potential of any campus or online college from sea to shining sea. Now five years and four updates later, the College Scorecard gets its own grades.

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The Dark Side of Unlicensed Sober Living Homes

A group is forming at a neighbor’s beautifully modern home in Hollywood. I enter cautiously because even though I’ve lived two doors down from this person for the past two years, we’ve never met.

As more neighbors arrive and fill the living room to capacity, it dawns on me: This neighborhood watch meeting is not your normal get together.

You see, a few blocks away an unlicensed sober living facility just opened.

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