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News Coverage

Five Years In, The College Scorecard’s Scorecard
Written on spec for a Pacific-Northwest Education Startup, this article examines the strengths and weaknesses of the federally-funded college comparison tool known as the College Scorecard.
[Pub Date: 3/1/2017]

Some Customers Report LADWP Overcharging on Monthly Bill
When asked to look into the LADWP wildly overcharging customers, I assumed I wouldn’t find anything nefarious. What I uncovered was a tangled web of algorithmically derived estimated bills that ballooned far from reality. Leaving many homeowners across the Southland on the tab for thousands of dollars in erroneous charges.
[Pub Date: 5/28/2015] [PDF Backup]

The Watcher – Family Flees New Home From Threatening Letters
What would you do if you started receiving anonymous threatening letters as you move into your new home? The Watcher claimed ownership of a new family’s dream home and demanded ‘Young Blood.’ This is a true story.
[Pub Date: 6/25/15] [PDF Backup]

Social Impact

The Dark Side of Unlicensed Sober Living Homes
A deep scrutiny of an industry built around society’s most vilified and vulnerable. It’s easy for companies to take advantage of those we have cast out and ignore. We must take a closer look at the stacked deck thrown at those seeking a way out of addiction.
[Pub Date: 1/21/16]

The Hip Neighborhood Bubble
A satirical look at the life cycle of hip neighborhoods.
[Pub Date: 2/18/14] [PDF Backup]

The Social Media Metric Mirage
A critical deconstruction of the myopic focus some place on social network follower and like counts.
[Pub Date: 3/28/14] [PDF Backup]

An Argument for Giving a Damn about Space
A blog-style plea for the masses to marvel at the successes and failures of SpaceX and its attempts at creating reliable, reusable rockets.
[Pub Date: 3/21/17]

Science & Technology

Heads Up! Smartphone Use Linked to Occipital Neuralgia
Technology is advancing rapidly, but we still don’t quite understand the toll our ubiquitous devices are collecting on our bodies. Next time you pull out your phone, consider this!
[Pub Date: 7/22/15] [PDF Backup]

Solar’s Retro Future
Let’s look back 60 years at what we once considered futuristic applications of solar energy!
[Pub Date: 6/5/15] [PDF Backup]

The Slow, Sad Death of Google Glass
The future looks bleak when it’s filled with Glassholes.
[Pub Date: 11/25/14] [PDF Backup]

The Birth of Solar Panels
“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” – Thomas Edison, 1931
[Pub Date: 7/20/2015] [PDF Backup]

Home Living

Get Off My Lawn! Epic Neighbor Feuds and How to Avoid Them
We’ve all been there. Fighting our neighbors over garbage cans, noisy parties or the wattage of a porch lightbulb. It tends to sound silly but neighbor feuds can easily turn disastrous. Let’s discuss a few real cases of neighbor feuds and look at the psychology in resolving them!
[Pub Date: 8/24/15][PDF Backup]

5 Wildly Lavish Private Estates
A fun dissection of five of the most ridiculously expensive estates. A dash of hubris and a smattering of schadenfreude are thrown in for good measure!
[Pub Date: 2/28/15] [PDF Backup]

The Growing Pains of the Home Staging Industry
For those looking to maximize the selling price of their home, hiring a home staging professional seems like a no brainer. Or is it?
[Pub Date: 11/6/2014] [PDF Backup]

Coyote Encounters: What to do When Walking Your Dog
If you’re a dog owner living in Los Angeles, and you’ve never had a run-in with a coyote, you’re in for some sobering news: that will likely change.
[Pub Date: 10/5/2015] [PDF Backup]


The State of Dating in 2016
Don’t let the byline fool you. Rachel Brewson doesn’t exist. (Long story, but an interesting one.) This huge 2,000 word think piece is my critical deconstruction of technology’s ability to paralyze people with an overabundance of choice! What this might mean when looking for love in 2016.
[Pub Date: 5/12/16] [PDF Backup]

The Uber Playbook
The sharing economy has a dark side. We explore the underhanded tricks employed by Uber to capture marketshare and continue global expansion.
[Pub Date: 2/17/15] [PDF Backup]

Hooking Up at Coachella
A satirical look at the mating practices on display at the hipster mecca known as Coachella.
[Pub Date: 4/14/16] [PDF Backup]

Deep Research

Lords of the White City: Burnham and Root
Early contributors to modern life, the architect duo of Burnham and Root designed a larger-than-life World’s Fair along the lake of late-1800s Chicago.
[Pub Date: 12/10/15]

Trimming the Fringe of Suburbia
Blight was once synonymous with urban cityscapes. Now, the suburbs have fallen victim to a shrinking economy and stagnant wages. Will suburbia survive?
[Pub Date: 12/8/14] [PDF Backup]

Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect Spotlight
Dive into the affair, heartbreak and mass murder that shaped Mr. Wright and his approach to creating the structures that we still love to this day.
[Pub Date: 3/5/14] [PDF Backup]


Secret Stairs Walk 42 – Murphy Ranch
Before Murphy Ranch was demolished citing safety concerns, we risked life and limb by descending 500 steps down the side of a mountain to visit this self-contained Nazi compound in its final days.
[Pub Date: 1/27/2014]

Urban Climb: LA’s Eagle Rock Steps
Public stairs slice through many of Los Angeles’ neighborhoods. Few know of these hidden climbs and nearby owners want these stairs removed. Best enjoy these while we can!
[Pub Date: 6/4/14] [PDF Backup]


Top 13 Halloween Songs
Lock the doors, close the blinds, and prepare for the scare of your life. We are counting down the top 13 Halloween songs that are sure to make your night of fright a little more fun!
[Pub Date: 10/19/15]

Movies in the Park – BYO Everything
People just can’t get enough of movies in the park. Spending an evening under the stars is far more enjoyable when you come prepared with everything on this list!
[Pub Date: 7/23/15] [PDF Backup]

The 10 Best Office Pranks that (Probably) Won’t Get You Arrested
Let’s all tolerate that one guy in the office who still finds joy in our misery on April 1st. This list of 10 pranks will help you brace for the least pleasurable day to share an office.
[Pub Date: 3/30/16] [PDF Backup]

7 Best Irish Pubs in Chicago to Visit on St. Patrick’s Day
In Chicago, St. Patty’s Day is serious business, provided you don’t take it too seriously. Grab your green beer at one of these 7 great Chicago pubs and raise a glass to the Irish!
[Pub Date: 3/14/16] [PDF Backup]