The Fight to Gain & Maintain the 40-Hour Workweek

“Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, eight hours for what we will!” chanted throngs of labor protesters flooding the streets of Chicago in 1886. The chants fell silent shortly thereafter when a large explosion ripped through the crowd, killing seven police officers and at least five civilians. The Haymarket Massacre marked a bloody escalation in the fight for fair treatment of workers near the turn of the last century.

And unfortunately, America’s fight for the 40-hour workweek still remains unfinished.

From the Presidential campaign trail to Wisconsin’s latest labor-law changes, it’s disheartening to see a renewed effort to dismantle that hard-fought worker victory. Imagine an America where a large portion of the working class are forced to slog to work every single day of the week, every week.
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Trimming the Fringe of Suburbia

No image is more evocative of American prosperity than the sprawling tree-lined street with row after row of single-family homes. Suburbia, born in the late 1940s, came of age in the ‘50s during America’s runaway economic expansion while the rest of the world rebuilt after World War II.

The Great Expansion built a countrywide web of interstates connecting cities and states. This helped the suburbs recede further from city centers as families sought a larger slice of The American Dream, with the hopes of bigger houses and broader lawns.

“We created urban sprawl, which spread people further and further apart – further away from their jobs and into communities that weren’t designed to meet their needs,” says Leigh Gallagher, editor at Fortune magazine and the author of The End of the Suburbs.

Sixty years later, Americans are waking from the dream that embraced the United States for decades. Those once idyllic sprawling suburbs are dying. Many social and economic variables that once made sprawl so appealing are changing, and we should have all seen this coming.
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Heads Up! Smartphone Use Linked to Occipital Neuralgia

Next time you find yourself walking along a bustling city street, take a moment to look around at the other pedestrians, and sneak a peek at the motorists waiting for the light to change. You will see, perhaps unsurprisingly, a large number of heads tilted down with faces glowing from the light of their smartphones.

An ambling public mindlessly isolated in a personal digital companion might have made a fine sci-fi plot just a decade ago. Unfortunately, this is now our reality. We have become so willfully and constantly distracted. And the dangers of this distraction are well-studied, with warnings issued. Unfortunately, what is less publicized is the damage we are unwittingly administering on our own necks.
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Give a Damn about Space: An Argument

We may have just found a new home! The recent discovery of seven Earth-like planets orbiting a nearby star is the latest in a series of space-based revelations that’s grabbed the social consciousness.

And this makes me ecstatic!

From an early age, I’ve looked to the heavens and wondered what might be out there. In the fourth grade, I attended Space Camp. I was a member of the Junior Astronauts in grade school. I built and launched model rockets and calculated the cosmic math to determine my true astrological sign!

And while pop culture now accepts my passion into the good graces of the masses, my young interest in space was routinely mocked. Luckily, as we march towards the future, I recognize I’m not alone in my love of that song softly calling to us from above.
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